News 16.06.13:
New beta version OpenBCM 1.07b11 released.

News 08.06.13:
Rework on server pages due to new domain

News 03.02.13:
DG4MFN made some modifications to source code for compile the source with GCC 4.x used under linux. This version is called OpenBCM v1.07b6 and can be downloaded here.

News 28.02.10:
OpenBCM v1.07b5 with UNIX98 Pseudoterminalsupport (only important for linux version) is released.

News 25.02.10:
New webserver installed. Maybe not all pages are working yet (e.g. forum is down at the moment), please be patient.

News 29.12.06:
English docu for OpenBCM is growing. Main configuration chapters are finished. Have a look at the docu side.

News 16.07.06:
New (incomplete translated) english docu for OpenBCM has been released first time today. Have a look at the docu side.

News 01.07.06:
Due to moving to a new house, this server will be shutdown at 25th july 2006, and I hope it will be back using the same address around end of august 2006!

News 02.04.06:
New final OpenBCM 1.06 Release is available!

News 09.04.05:
A lot of BBS, which can be reached via internet, are listed at "OpenBCM in use".
An online translation of this page is now available at the starting page!

News 03.03.05:
A new BETA version OpenBCM 1.06b49 with first implementation of ACTIVE ROUTING is available!
Have a look at the page of DL8HBS for a brief description of ACTIVE ROUTING.

News 20.03.04:
There will be a new features presentation of OpenBCM at TH Darmstadt at 03th April 2004! Click here for more information!
Have also a look at the forum for the script.

News 02.09.02:
After a lot of discussions in ham radio, I decided to release further versions of BayCom-Mailbox under the name "OpenBCM". The "open" should symbolize the open status of this release - everybody is invited to write source parts in new releases.
If you are interested to take part in the fascinating world of OpenBCM programming, leave a note at DH8YMB.

News 23.12.01:
Click DB0FHN, DB0SIF or DB0RES for BAYBOX ham packet radio bulletin board.